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What Makes USEI A Great Business Opportunity



Management has over 50 years of combined management experience and over 25 years of public company experience including over 10 start-ups. See: and



Biofuel is in an amazing growth market See:



The U.S. Government subsidy creates an assurance of profitability to companies like U.S. Energy Initiatives. The subsidy provides a $1.00 per gallon subsidy for every gallon produced by the firm. For example: if we produce 1 million gallons of fuel we get back $1 million dollars from the government as an incentive to produce green energy. See:



U.S. Energy Initiatives has entered into joint venture project (s) to develop its own biofuel and market certain biofuel processing equipment for the marketplace; to be employed for, commercial, military and domestic usage. USEI also desires to develop any marketable fuel as part of its biofuel initiative.


Mr. Harrison A. McCoy III is our CTO and is a Chemical Engineer, with many affiliations in the alternative and renewable industry. He has had a twenty-five year career working in the industries of waste, alternative renewable fuels, energy engineering, business development and land development. For his global perspective of the waste, alternative fuels, energy business and environmental regulatory issues makes him invaluable in developing business opportunities and negotiating enabling contracts with the United States National Laboratory systems.

We are joining forces with Mr. McCoy to develop mutual products and services that benefit Hawaii and California and other U.S. markets.


With our proposed venture includes Methes technologies… Methes (a NASDAQ firm – Symbol MEIL that will produce approximately $16 million dollars in biodiesel production in 2013), Promethean Biofuels (a southern California Cooperative and producer that has been in business for over 7 years) and McCoy, we intend to acquire Methes biodiesel equipment and to become a producer of biodiesel in Temecula, California, to support clients already using biodiesel in this region. Management believes that as a producer, it will also help the sales and marketing of Methes equipment, because this particular facility can be a showplace to a wide audience of potential customers. This is our primary goal here. See: and



Produce biodiesel and generate revenue in the traditional batch process until we can obtain the Denami processors. We will acquire raw material and produce biodiesel at a profit and procure a subsidy for $1.00 per gallon. See:… Utilizing existing EPA certified plants and equipment we will produce biodiesel and generate significant revenue.



Profitability… projected 9-30-2013






SANTA CLARITA, CALIFORNIA December 8, 2014 (PRNewswire) - US ENERGY INITIATIVES CORPORATION, INC. (OTC Pink: USEI) is pleased to announce today that the Directors...