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US Energy Initiatives execs tour Methes plant to develop strategy


US Energy Initiatives execs tour Methes plant to develop strategy

By Ron Kotrba | June 07, 2013
  • U.S. Energy Initiatives Corp. Inc.’s CTO Harrison McCoy III, right, traveled to Sombra to see Methes’ technology in action, and to discuss opportunities and develop a company strategy for biodiesel production.
    Photo: U.S. Energy Initiatives Corp. Inc.

U.S. Energy Initiatives Corp. Inc.’s CEO Anthony Miller and Chief Technology Officer Harrison McCoy III visited Methes Energies International Ltd.’s 13 MMgy biodiesel facility in Sombra, Ontario, Canada, recently. The purpose of the trip, Miller said, was to see Methes’ state-of-the-art, multifeedstock biodiesel process technology operate under real-world conditions.

“This trip further provided management with an opportunity to see and discuss possible opportunities, with their management, and develop strategies for our firm,” Miller added.

U.S. Energy Initiatives notes the increased demand for biodiesel and favorable economics, thanks to the $1 per gallon U.S. blenders credit, are driving industry growth, and viagra online choosing the right technology partners is a vital part of the company’s overall plan.

According to McCoy, the future of biodiesel will be paved by firms that produce like Methes—continuous flow production of fuel rather that batch processing. “The continuous-flow process is a 24 hour a day, 365 day per year processing, which will yield the greatest amount of production and revenue,” McCoy said. “This is our goal this year, to get on that bandwagon.”

U.S. Energy Initiatives Corp. is a diverse energy firm with a history of developing automotive and hybrid fuel systems and technologies. The company first started in 1996, and the management’s new goal is to develop its new and old technologies, and to build a dynamic energy firm. The company has three separate energy initiatives: the oil, gas & technology sector, the hybrid fuel or biofuel sector, and the automotive sector. U.S. Energy Initiatives’ stated, immediate goal is to develop biofuel opportunities.


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