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The Joint Venture


U.S. Energy Initiatives has entered into a joint venture project to develop its own biofuel and market certain biofuel processing equipment for the marketplace; to be employed for, commercial, military and domestic usage. USEI also desires to develop any marketable fuel as part of its biofuel initiative.

Mr. Harrison A. McCoy III is our new partner and Chief Technology Officer, is a Chemical Engineer, with many affiliations in the alternative and renewable industry. He has had a twenty-five year career working in the industries of waste, alternative renewable fuels, energy engineering, business development and land development. For his global perspective of the waste, alternative fuels, energy business and environmental regulatory issues makes him invaluable in developing business opportunities and negotiating enabling contracts with the United States National Laboratory systems.

We are joining forces with Mr. McCoy to develop mutual products and services that benefit Hawaii and California and other U.S. markets.

With our venture  we intend to acquire Methes biodiesel equipment and to become a producer of biodiesel in California, to support clients already using biodiesel in this region. Management believes that as a producer, it will also help the sales and marketing of Methes equipment, because this particular facility can be a showplace to a wide audience of potential customers. This is our primary goal here.

There are 4 (four) separate initiatives that we intend to pursue under our biofuel division. First, our goal is to utilize the Methes technologies, as well as, others that may be sourced, build a fully functioning biofuel plant to produce biofuel for commercial, governmental and stationary power usages; and to raise capital through our collective efforts. Secondly, our collective goal is to finalize an agreement to help market a wide range of biofuel technologies developed by Methes Energies Canada, Inc. Our goal is to market this technology throughout the U.S. Third, our goal is to establish a jobs training program that will include the Methes technologies, selling & marketing fuel, growing of feedstock and other biofuel related industries. And lastly (4th), our goal is to develop and market patent fuel developed by Harrison McCoy III and USEI for to generate revenue.

Our intent is to develop each of these opportunities individually and collectively. Our goal is to develop an extremely profitable alternative or renewable energy firm that has many different energy initiatives.

                 Image below is a Methes biodiesel plant

Methes Bio-diesel plant



  1. Larry says:

    I’ve owned stock in this company for years, why do these initiatives always change? It was dual fuel conversion kits, it was blended fuels, it was oil and gas extraction technology, and it’s biofuel. Sales have grown it seems in the last year, but you aren’t profitable, I’ve been promised profitability on your ventures before and it either doesn’t pan out or you sell your rights to the idea for cash, like the singular 96. How do I know you can deliver when I’ve been let down so many times before? At least get our shares back to .015, .002 … Really??? Are you going to perform and do something with this company or are u just milking it? Don’t mean to be rude but it’s frustrating to see something I thought was kinda cool die.

    • amiller says:

      I can’t speak to the years you have been in this stock… i’ve been here 2 years… I changed the direction of the firm to bring it to a profitable level…. don’t get your milking it… that isn’t happening here… when I came on when the stock was .0002… I’ve never seen .15… but I will make a gallant effort to get to that number

  2. Larry says:

    Will USEI have full stake in the processing facility, or will it be a percentage negotiated so that you can market their processing products? Will USEI take on the debt of the manufacturing facility?

  3. Malek Mahmud says:

    Can you explain me in laim terms the investment that USEI is doing in the
    Arena of the Hemp & Medical Marijuana??? And what are your projection and expectation
    in the near future about that( Hemp & Med. Marijuana)

    • amiller says:


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SANTA CLARITA, CALIFORNIA December 8, 2014 (PRNewswire) - US ENERGY INITIATIVES CORPORATION, INC. (OTC Pink: USEI) is pleased to announce today that the Directors...