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Cannabis Products



medicine, fuel, paper, food, rope, maps, clothes, nets, lace, soap, sails, shoes, plastics, explosives, caulking, fiberboard, paint, sealant, methanol, gasoline, fiber for fuel, bricks, charcoal, auto bodies, packing mass, lubricants, oil for lighting, oil for fuel, oil for lights, animal food, furniture, mats, varnish, lotions, ointments, lacquer, salad dressings….

There are an estimated 50,000 commercial uses. Until about 100 years ago almost all the world’s bibles maps, sails, clothes and books were made out of cannabis. Much of the world’s population has survived by eating hemp seed, cooked into a porridge called ‘gruel’.

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  1. Chuck Deckman says:

    I am excited about USEI especially after the recent cultivation of hemp legalization, and the extreme interest in small cannabis stocks. Needless to say I am an owner of USEI. Who promotes the stock? Some publication should since the recent news or the momentum will fade. The float seems high. Best to USEI.

  2. Michael Jay McCrossin says:

    Im a owner of100k in stock

    • amiller says:


      • Jorge Valdivia says:

        Considering buying some USEI stock will we see a PR in the near future or any updates to plans within the next week? – Interested Investor

        • amiller says:

          yes… my style of PR is: put out real, signed ,sealed and delivered deals for press…Note: I can put out press that we are negotiating this or that but, that will ultimately get me a call from the regulators and that wont help anyone… Trust we are working on a number of significant deals and press is coming very soon… and consistent… not 4 times a week (maybe not what investors want to see at this moment…many want wild and crazy statements that are just BS….not doing that)… This project is not a sprint… I’m building for the future… not trying to hype the stock for a quick flash in the pans… This cannabis industry is new, exciting, and opportunities everywhere and growing everyday (in Canada and the US)…and if we play are cards right, we will have long term revenues… and the stock value should follow… not short term stock rising and regulators knocking at my door.

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SANTA CLARITA, CALIFORNIA December 8, 2014 (PRNewswire) - US ENERGY INITIATIVES CORPORATION, INC. (OTC Pink: USEI) is pleased to announce today that the Directors...