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Green Technology

Our Hybrid & Biofuel sector will develop alternative fuels for automotive usage and develop fuel for all markets. Management and its consultants have a long history of developing hybrid fuel dating back to 2003 when it built the first biodiesel plant on the west coast of the U.S.; that remains operational to this day. We have engineered our technology to run solely on biodiesel fuel whenever, practicable, so that we remain environmentally responsible. We have engineering design drawing to build our own portable-trailer-mounted biodiesel plant and have consultants who will oversee our construction.

What is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a natural and renewable domestic fuel alternative for diesel engines made from vegetable oils, mostly soy and corn. It contains no petroleum, is nontoxic and biodegradable.

Biodiesel burns clean, which results in a significant reduction of the types of pollutants that contribute to smog and global warming and emits up to 85% fewer cancer-causing agents. It is the only alternate fuel approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has passed every Heath-Effects Test of the Clean Air Act and meets the requirements of the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Biodiesel is made using an alcohol like methanol and a chemical process that separates glycerin and methyl esters (biodiesel) from fats or vegetable oils. Glycerin is used in many common products including soap and is highly marketable; therefore there is little waste in the process.

Biodiesel is a clean burning alternative fuel, produced from renewable resources. It can be blended with petroleum diesel to create a biodiesel blend.

Biodiesel is non-toxic and biodegradable.  It helps to reduce harmful emissions into the environments as well as using less carbon dioxide for the same power (approx. 80% less CO2). It is possible to use recycled oil or fat and rapeseed oil, and best of all power outputs relatively unaffected.

Hybrid Fuels

Management is developing a wide range of fuels described as hybrid, for a range of markets. These fuels are for automotive and stationary power applications. Our goal is to market fuel to a wide marketplace domestically and internationally.

How we Make It!!




SANTA CLARITA, CALIFORNIA December 8, 2014 (PRNewswire) - US ENERGY INITIATIVES CORPORATION, INC. (OTC Pink: USEI) is pleased to announce today that the Directors...