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steam-generator-technologyWhy Portable Steam Generators

The Portable Steam Generator  is capable of stimulating production from oil wells with known reserves. Many of these wells have fallen below profitable production levels and require enhanced recovery efforts in order to harvest their oil.

The portable, self-contained  is the subject of this venture. The 10 million BTU/hour systems is ASME approved and exceeds emission standards even within California, home to the most stringent air quality rules in the world. This trailer-mounted system is an attractive, cost effective alternative to the larger, cumbersome and unwieldy stationary systems currently employed to produce steam. There is no need for long and expensive piping to bring the steam to the wells, as the MT-06-10 can be set up in relatively close proximity to the wells. Thermal loss is also reduced due to the short distance which steam must travel.

The self-contained trailer-mounted Portable Steam Generator system includes an electronic generator, high pressure water pump, a drum less hot water/steam generator, water system, and a computerized control panel. The unit is mobile and can be easily moved from well to well during a steam program.

What makes this technology different from other steam generators is that the water stays in a liquid state throughout the heating phase and flashing water into steam occurs outside the steam generator. Whereas, fresh water is the preferred choice, this design can even deliver treated produced water (brine) or even sea water into an oil formation. Because of this design water quality problems are eliminated.

Biodiesel or Propane are the fuel of choice because of mobility, and availability; however natural gas or oil can be used if required or available.

Four primary mechanisms are at work during steam injection:

1) Viscosity reduction by heat
2) Hydrocarbon distillation
3) Displacement (once the steam condenses back to water)
4) Repressurization of the formation (Geological study has found that steam injection is highly effective in harvesting high- viscosity, low-gravity oil.)

In many cases, up to 80% of the oil in a formation may remain after 30 to 40 years of pumping. Without secondary recovery efforts, such as those using the MT-06 Portable Steam Generator, this oil will remain in the ground forever.

(This is an environmentally friendly technology because we are recycling water used to produce steam; we are creating steam with lower emissions levels than current regulations because we are using the best available controlled burner technology for creating steam.  We have engineered our technology to run solely on biodiesel fuel whenever, it is practicable, so that AM Oil Resources & Technology remains environmentally responsible. We believe that our methods and practices are more energy efficient technology… thereby, producing fewer emissions than conventional steaming.)

oil-drumsFull deployment of this technology could provide another solution to help the U.S. reduce its dependence on foreign oil.

Note: These technologies do not replace steamflooding as a means of recovery; they simply provide additional solutions and methodologies to recovering crude oil, once considered un-recoverable.

The portable steam generators were used to inject steam into the wells. This process included wellbore cleanup, including flow lines which caused immediate improvements in the production of oil. Production improved from ½ barrel per day to 10 barrels per day, for days and even weeks, after stimulation. This is a mobile device designed to be moved from well to well around the oil property to enhance recovery.



SANTA CLARITA, CALIFORNIA December 8, 2014 (PRNewswire) - US ENERGY INITIATIVES CORPORATION, INC. (OTC Pink: USEI) is pleased to announce today that the Directors...